Rumours about Roshi Roba

There are no reliable information about Roshi Roba*,just a few rumours. One of those claims that Roshi Roba was an incompetent Zen-monk,who was banished from his japanese monastery for repeated abuse of alcohol and for rioting. In order to finally get rid of him they sent him out into the world, on the pretext that he had to bring Buddhism to the western world. Other riots claim, that Roshi Roba does’nt never exist. The only picture of him should shows him camouflaged with sunglasses, by a secret meeting in Mongolia with Ha-Nsi, the abbot from the White-Red-Blue-Capes-Order under the wheel of the science. But we think, that one shouldn‘t care too much about trifles and should be happy that Roshi Roba exists, and it‘s not of so much importance in what kind of form.

Abbot Ha-Nsi and Roshi Roba

* Pretendedly the correct translation of Roba means grandma in japanese. We take this to be a rumour as well.